“Men are wise in proportion, not to their experience, but to their capacity for experience."



Josef Le (CEO)

lejosephMy love for film and model aircraft has revealed new perspectives for me. We humans can only see the world from a worm’s-eye view, but as soon as we get up in the air, our perspective changes completely. Everybody knows the feeling when you look out of the window of an airplane. Our equipment enables us to make both fast and slow flight shots. Bringing this technology to perfection is our greatest ambition. That’s why we want to share our experience with our clients.

Wolfgang Gröger (Camera Pilot)

groegerwolfgangFlying is one of my greatest passions. I, the ‘old bugger’ in the team, have always loved to spend plenty of time constructing model planes. Model flight’s ongoing development and progress of the last few years have increasingly fascinated me. The technological challenges are basically the same as in the film industry. Ain’t no such thing as can’t.


Andreas Schulz (Camera Pilot/Engineering)

schulzandreasMy life has been dedicated to flying and improving flight models of all kinds for years. After the maiden flight of the first helicopter I built, I disassembled and improved it right away – and this became my passion. When my counterparts started to copy my modification works, I figured that model flight would not just remain a hobby.

Being a part of the FlyingEyeFilms team means the opportunity to share my skills and thus gain new experience. It makes me feel like every day was a new flying day.