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Our Service

The Flying Eye Films Production GmbH is a young and innovative company, specializing in the field of unmanned aviation.

The production of film material from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is our speciality. We offer this service for professional film and television productions as well as our commercial business and private customers.

The cooperation with external filmmakers and studios allows us to take over the entire production of advertising for our customers, for both long and short films. A well-rehearsed team ensures the professional implementation of your project.

The application of our technical approach provides us with the ability to achieve the highest in quality of aerial shots with spectacular perspectives. The used UAV are less expensive than conventional procedures such as the use of manned helicopters or special cranes.

The applied UAV for the most part are of our own production. An individualized customer’s request can accordingly be adapted and offered for sale.

We incorporate our experience and knowledge of the requirements within the development of a project and attach great importance to quality, usability, reliability, load capacity and excellent flight characteristics.
We offer flight hours, professionally supervised by our staff to prospective camera operators and camera pilots for the obtainment of practical flying skills. These units include professional operations practiced with (UAV), explained through our camera operators important know-how.

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